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Donnelley Financial Solutions

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RR Donnelley Data Room: Features and Solutions Observed

Donnelley Financial Solutions is a virtual data room provider that has been in the industry since 1983. Donnelly’s headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The company has offices in 30 locations and helps companies from 12 countries manage business processes and communicate faster through a secure online environment.
Before 2016, Donnelley Financial Solutions was a part of RR Donnelley, the US printing industry’s leader. In 2016, RR Donnelley VDR became a standalone company, separated from its parent printing enterprise.

Donnelley software products

Donnelley provides several software products for M&A deals, due diligence, risk management, and strategic transactions. You can combine them in one secure platform. Here is the list of Donnelley products.


ActiveDisclosure allows your teams to prepare financial reports seamlessly in one environment. It has an Excel/Microsoft Office module to work with documents on the platform. It also has an intuitive task manager to keep your team updated on key reporting goals.
The tool enables auto versioning, private and public comments, and sign-off workflows to streamline financial preparations. The intelligent iXBRL tagging feature scans your document for missed tags to ensure your reports and SEC filings comply with standards.

Venue virtual data room

The Venue is Donnelley’s virtual data room that you can integrate with other solutions. It has the following features:

  • Bulk uploading and auto-indexing
  • Microsoft Office support
  • Granular access control over the data room and its contents
  • Q&A module
  • Customizable watermarks to protect the intellectual property rights of DFIN clients. 
  • Smart activity reports for better transparency. The platform records all actions and provides administrators with detailed activity and engagement reports.
  • Built-in document redaction to speed up the due diligence process
  • High speed of uploads and downloads

Data protection solutions

Data Protection Solutions is privacy software that protects confidential information and reduces the data leak risk.
It scans your catalogs and files for personally identifiable information, recognizing email addresses, phone numbers, and over 40 billion name combinations.
Once you locate sensitive instances, you can redact them in real-time. Also, you can group PII, generate data reports and heat maps, and set customizable data access permissions.
This tool is compatible with the Venue virtual data room and other Donnelley products.

EDGAR Online

Donnelley EDGAR Online is a filing analysis tool that saves dozens of hours gathering companies’ information for your initial public offering.
Donnelley’s EDGAR database has access to 15,000 US companies’ catalogs with XBRL-tagged summaries, financial info, ownership details, etc.
You can export data sets to your FTP client, API, Level II SEC feed, etc. You can also export information in CSV format.


eBrevia is a contract review application that extracts provisions from documents using AI and machine learning algorithms.
It scans texts and identifies language patterns, pulling out necessary data and making the deal process much faster. You can link it to your data room and let it work with the documents.
The software can scan over 50 documents in less than a minute. Besides, you can train it and tailor its algorithms to your business goals without superior technical skills.

Arc Suite 

Arc Suite is a set of tools that helps you raise capital, complete strategic transactions, conduct due diligence, and follow compliance.


ArcDigital is a compliance management platform with the following functionalities:

  • A centralized document repository. You can export data sets to ArcDigital from the Venue data room or different storage.
  • Business compliance tracking. The system tracks all incoming electronic and physical regulatory documents and generates detailed statistics.
  • Customization. Decide on document delivery and messaging options.
  • Dedicated support. Donnelley engineers will help you migrate your assets to ArcDigital.


The ArcFiling cloud solution allows you to prepare regulatory documents for public records. You can create Form N-PORT, Form N-CEN, Form N-MFP, and other filings.
An intuitive ArcFiling dashboard will help you keep track of your portfolios and filings and share them across your teams in one secure place.


ArcPro is Donnelley Financial Solutions cloud content management platform that streamlines prospectus preparations. It allows you to:

  • Create, edit, and update regulatory documents with contributors in real-time
  • Translate documents in 31 languages
  • Apply iXBRL tags automatically
  • Edit summary prospectuses and statutory prospectuses
  • Cross-reference documents
  • Publish summaries in bulk
  • Generate accurate reports on workflows
  • Certify documents
  • Export documents to the data room
  • And more


ArcRegulatory software produces compliance reports and updates you on global regulations and related news.
It helps you conduct regulatory activities on a single site without shuffling data across different applications. This tool allows you to:

  • Analyze data quicker due to the calculation engine
  • Send many documents to regulators and automate distribution workflows
  • Apply over 1,500 rules to business data to keep strategic transactions compliant
  • Use many regulatory directives, like ESG, KIIDs, UCITS, PRIIPs KIDs, etc.

Also, you can connect this tool to the Venue data room and Arc Suite products


ArcReporting software allows you to create financial reports that comply with global regulations. This solution enables straight-through processing and automated PDF shareholder reports to save your time on business processes and increase productivity across your employees.
You can review a report in a single-page dashboard and integrate the tool with Venue virtual data room and Arc Suite.

Donnelley security compliance and security measures

Donnelley Financial Solutions complies with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, HIPAA, and SOC 2 security standards. Donnelley clients have complete peace of mind over their business processes due to the following security measures the company applies:

  • Regular malware and vulnerability scans
  • Two-factor authentication
  • AES 256-bit encryption across all tools
  •  Regular SOC2 Type II privacy software audits and reports

What is Donnelley Financial Solutions best for?

Donnelley Financial Solutions fulfills the following use cases:

Initial public offering

The first step towards becoming a joint-stock company is finding investment banks. The experience of joint-stock companies shows that success depends on preparation. 
DFIN gives customers everything necessary for this operation. The DFIN engineers have foreseen all stages of the strategic transactions and implemented tools to ease IPO preparation. Thus, ActiveDisclosure allows colleagues to collaborate regardless of their location.
The Venue virtual data room helps your teams work with documents on one site, while EDGAR Online allows you to gather crucial data during IPO preparation. DFIN helped companies fill over 700 IPOs over the last six years.

Mergers and acquisitions

DFIN’s artificial intelligence and machine learning engines cut deal preparation time, while the VDR enables file exchange in a protected space. Both buy-side and sell-side parties can rest assured that the deal will be carried out at a high level. 
DFIN customers combine the Venue virtual data room and eBrevia to handle deals faster, while the 24/7 support will assist the parties at any stage.

Proxy strategy

Preparing a proxy statement can become a pain in the neck if shareholders work in many applications.
Venue, eBrevia, EDGAR Online, and other DFIN tools help investors arrange meetings, prepare filings and reports, and manage deals in a seamless environment.


What is Donnelley Financial Solutions?

Donnelley Financial Solutions is an American VDR provider that helps companies accelerate collaboration, financial reporting, due diligence, and more.

Does Donnelley RR still work?

Donnelley Financial Solutions was once a part of RR Donnelley printing enterprise. Since 2016, DFIN has been an independent company. Meanwhile, RR Donnelley remains the world’s biggest printer.

Who owns the Donnelley data room?

Donnelley Financial, LCC operates the DFIN website and delivers the associated software products.

How much does an RR Donnelley data room cost?

Donnelley Financial Solutions doesn’t disclose its pricing policies publicly because it charges depending on the number of used services, company specifics, and more.
Clients can contact the support team to schedule a demo and decide on the monthly subscription costs.