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New York, USA

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North America, Europe, South America, Asia

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Intralinks data room started its journey as an application service provider in 1996. They launched the first M&A data room six years later an over the past two decades have remained a leader in the FinTech industry. 

Today Intralinks services rank among the foremost enterprise solutions compared to similar technologies. It offers companies a suite of security features, from two-factor authentication and flexible user controls to reliably protecting tons of sensitive data sent across large-scale deals. One of its noticeable drawbacks is the lack of customization, but this pales in comparison to its great versatility and ease of use.

What does Intralinks do best?

Intralinks data rooms have established itself as a reliable option for various businesses. The company claims 99% of Fortune 1000 companies trust their solution for their data needs.
As is known, organizations rely on certain features that would best satisfy their needs choosing an app for a particular deal. Thus, Intralinks virtual data rooms are mainly the choice for capital markets, dealmaking, and global banking.
Let’s take a look at the platform’s certain features and services.

Security at the highest level

Data rooms utilize IRM technology, which allows documents to be altered and saved even if you are offline. The system also allows permission settings for accessing every individual file to be changed as needed.
Intralinks uses ISO 27001 certificates to ensure maximum security. The VDR services give you more options to access files as other participants, further contributing to security and guaranteeing everyone has an optimal experience using the room.

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Versatile and easy to use

The great thing about the Intralinks data room is that it has a minimal learning curve. It’s simple but full of useful functions, such as:

  • Content redaction

The option of redacting content easily is vital if you want to remove sensitive information from documents.

  • Cross-platform support

You can use the Intralinks mobile app to access the system on the go. The data room supports smartphones, tablets, and other portable gadgets. In addition, the data room is announcing a new authentication option built into the app. It will allow users to easily confirm identities for accessing Intralinks products.

  • M&A workflow

These features allow easier management of the merger and acquisition deal. Companies can use simple document approval and scheduled publishing to save time and minimize the risks involved.

  • Ease of upload

It’s easy to upload and download documents – bulk downloads and drag and drop upload methods simplify these actions.

Around-the-clock support

Intralinks virtual data room is used for over 8,000 M&A agreements annually. The developers are there every step of the process. They help you set up everything properly, which means your data room is ready for use within hours.
If anything goes wrong, you can count on 24/7 support services from the expert staff. The agents are ready to answer questions in numerous languages, which simplifies communication.

Intralinks virtual data room solutions

The software, together with the mobile application, can significantly streamline the following operations:

Restructuring and bankruptcy

If it’s possible to restructure a viable business, this solution can help. Alternatively, it can make the process of liquidating assets more efficient.

Board reporting

Thanks to detailed information, the executives can make more informed and better decisions for the company. Additionally, this solution ensures the data remains protected.

Business development and licensing

This solution can assist to shorten transaction timeframes. It also reduces the charges of due diligence and helps companies to speed up future deals.


Even the most complex transactions become a piece of cake with Intralinks products. You can improve security while automating demanding processes.


The company can help with initial public offerings too. They ensure data sharing is handled in a secure environment and done efficiently.