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Goleta, USA

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North America

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SecureDocs offers virtual data rooms for short and long-term use. VDRs successfully play the role of deal rooms for convenient M&A due diligence and, simultaneously, of corporate repositories that enable ongoing file management. SecureDocs guarantees quick setup (a room can be prepared within 15 minutes) and reasonable prices. For the money paid a user gets the multi-sided protection of the confidential corporate data – two-factor user authentication to prevent cyber attacks, dynamic watermarking and end to end encryption of data.

Activity alerts immediately inform users about new documents added – email notifications ensure that not a single upload remains unnoticed. To simplify data management all the users can be segregated into permission groups (No Access, View-only for PDF & Office Documents, Download/Print access, Full access). Also, administrators receive exportable daily audit reports that contain information on all the activity performed in a VDR: the actions are not only registered but also time stamped. Aside from the complex protection and data management, SecureDocs provides simple and convenient user-friendly interface.

Documents and whole folders can be exported with one click due to drag-and-drop function. All the documents are aggregated into the folder tree that significantly simplifies navigation in the room. In addition to the highly functional and comfortable environment for deal-making and data storage, SecureDocs clients get an opportunity to customize their room: new users receive personalized messages; watermarks, invitations, a VDR in general are branded according to the client’s demands. And in a case of any possible problems or doubts customers get a quick professional support via phone or email.